AutoCAD Civil 3D


What is AutoCAD Civil 3D?

AutoCAD Civil 3d is an engineering software application which is used by land surveyors, civil engineers and other professionals to design civil engineering projects. These projects can include road design, parking area, river development, pipe design, construction area design etc. Designers can create 3D models and maintain dynamic relation between the objects in the drawing such as Alignments, profiles, corridors, surfaces, feature lines and many more. All those powerful features make C3D one of the most widely spread softwares for infrastructure projects.

How is it Used?

Using only AutoCAD for creating large or even small infrastructural project will take years of drawing, planing and calculating different data, but with Civil 3D we have build in tools that help engineers to complete their project in a fraction of that time. land_surveying-512

C3D can be used by Land Surveyors to plan and and develop their survey, create dynamic surfaces, calculate earthworks, use point clouds and many other.


Road designers would get tons of benefits from Civil 3d. The software is equipped with wide range of infrastructural tools and an engineer can design and manage entire project with it.


It is also very capable in hydro engineering, having unique tools for designing pipe networks, river development, canals etc. There are also many addons that can even further improve calculations and design.

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