Paste Transposed in Excel and Keep Formula References! (Two Great Ways to Achieve that!)

Transpose formulas in excel

In Excel, the paste as transpose is extremely useful for transposing a column to a row or vice versa. But if there are formulas in the cells, the reference will change and mess up our desired values. In this post, we will show you, two easy methods on how to paste as transpose and keep … Read more

Find and Filter unique Values in Excel (Only 4 Simple Steps!)

Filter unique values in Excel!

We discussed how to Find and Remove Duplicates in Excel! What if we are not sure if the data won’t be needed later on. This is why a good rule of thumb will be to first Filter and Highlight the Duplicate data and Remove it when we are sure this is the result we want. … Read more

If This AND/OR That (A Quick Excel Tip)

We’ve already discussed the use of IF function in Microsoft Excel. Today we will dive a little bit deeper. AND Function in EXCEL! What If we want to check if more than one conditions are TRUE? In this case, we will use AND function. Best way to describe the way AND works is to show … Read more