How to use AutoCAD Dimension Grips (Reset Text Position)

How to use dimension text Grips

Time and time again, we see that Dimensions are one of the most important objects in AutoCAD. Previously we have talked about Splitting Dimensions, Resetting Dimensions Value, and Using Alternate Dimension Values. Here we will see how to use Dimension Grips, how to Reset Text Positions, and even how to Reset Text positions of multiple … Read more

How to Split Dimensions in AutoCAD? (No Lisp Required!)

Learn how to split dimensions in AutoCAD

One of the most important parts of any drawing are Dimensions, however, some times we could create a mistake or two while using them. Or not even a mistake, some times we need to add a new dimension or if we could Break an existing One into two. To Split or Break an existing dimension … Read more

Alternate Dimension Units in AutoCAD! (Show Another Units on Dimensions)

Often times we need to show two sets of units on our Dimensions, especially when working with Imperial units. For example, some US governments require both metric and Imperial. In our example, we will set our Main (Primary) Units at feet-inch and our Secondary (Alternate) Units to mm. Set Alternate Dimension Units (Secondary Dimension Units) … Read more