Setting up Custom Station Labels for Profile View in Civil 3D

Custom station labels in Profile bands

We’ve already discussed how to add custom stations along an Alignment and then how to set up Alignment and Sample Line Labels so we can have fully working custom stations along our Alignments. Today we are going to look at how to set up Profile view bands for Station Equations and Sample Lines, so we can … Read more

Setting up Alignment and Sample Line Labels in Civil 3d

Set up alignment and sample line labels

This post is in support of the previous post about Adding custom stations along Alignment in Civil 3D. Today we are going to look at how to set up the Alignment labels. Since the process of setting up labels in Civil 3d is almost equal for most of the objects, we will look closely how to create … Read more

How to Add Custom Stations Along Alignment in Civil 3D.

Adding custom stations along alignment

Alignment objects Alignment objects are one of the most important parts of Civil 3D drawing. They can represent road centerlines, pipe networks, etc. Creating and defining an alignment is one of the first things we have to do in order to create our roadway, railroad or site design. To create an alignment we usually use the … Read more