Welcome to Skill Amplifier – a website with simple tips and tricks to help professionals gain basic skills in their work.

My name is Zlatislav Atanasov I’m the one who is
trying to
help you through your journey to becoming a highly efficient professional. I earned my Master’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2015 and I work as a Civil Engineer and Road Designer. I’m a young dude myself, very passionate about learning new skills and tricks which can help me become a great professional in my field.

Upon starting to learn engineering I thought that engineers are constantly thinking of how to solve specific problems and give the best solution, however, when I started to create my own designs I realized that drawing and configuration of the project consume more time than actual problem-solving. I believe that time spent on minor tasks is wasted so I am trying to amplify my efficiency in every possible way. As a self-learner, I found it difficult to find synthesized information for free, so I decided to share what I’ve learned in the most simplistic way so everyone can understand the concepts.

Hello, my name is Alexandra Taskova, I am a Civil Engineer, more specifically a Road Designer. My passion for engineering grew as early as my primary school years. I went to study Road Design in High School and then finalized my education at the University. I feel very motivated to learn more and more techniques that help me become one of the Best in my Field of work and share my knowledge with as many professionals as possible!

Some of you who are advanced Professionals might find some of what is written on this site a little basic, but its the new to less experienced guys that this site is aimed at.

We will do our best to regularly update the site and the best way to use it will be to follow it over time.