Surface Contours are Missing in AutoCAD Civil 3D (3 Possible Solutions!)

Missing contours in civil 3d

Your Civil 3d Surface Contours are not shown? Don’t worry, the missing surface contours problem can be due to several different reasons. Here, we will go through each possibility one by one. Surface Contours are turned off The first, and maybe the most obvious reason for missing contours, is that they’re turned off in the … Read more

How to Create Surface from Text in Civil3D (Also Assign Elevations to Text!)

Assign Elevation to Text Automatically Civil 3d

Often times we receive exported files from other surveyors that we need to use in our drawings. At this time, it is great that AutoCAD Civil 3D gives us the opportunity to Create a Surface from Text Objects. To illustrate better the task. We will look at an example where we have received a drawing … Read more

How To Raise or Lower Multiple Feature Lines in Civil 3D

Raise Lower Feature Lines Civil 3D

It is quite a common task, to raise or lower the elevations of all vertexes of a feature line in a drawing. The reasons can be anything, from using the wrong benchmark to revisions by the client. No matter the reasons, it is great to have the opportunity to automatically raise or lower vertexes by … Read more

Convert Anonymous Blocks *U### to Normal AutoCAD Blocks

*U### Block to normal AutoCAD Block

Today’s issue we are going to deal with will be converting anonymous block objects in normal AutoCAD Blocks. *U### blocks? Usually, anonymous blocks are really annoying and hard to work with. They have strange names for example block with * in front of a random name. The different types of names mean that things though … Read more

Alignment Label Text Rotating? (One click solution!)

Stop alignment Label Text rotation and make it static!

Today we are going to look at one really small tip that bothered me in the past. Rotating Alignment Labels. If you are using a template that is given to you already set and you haven’t done it by your self then, it is likely that you are not absolutely familiar with all the settings … Read more

Show Only Last Two Digits of Elevation Labels? Civil 3D

Your drawings are full of stuff and you are running out of space? Definitely displaying only the last two digits of spot elevations will help you make your drawings look way better. So let’s jump right in it. Create an Expression We will have to create an Expression that will help us display only Last … Read more

AutoCAD Cannot Save my Drawing! (5 Simple Solutions!)

AutoCAD Won't save your drawing? The solution is here!

One of the most frightening situations I’ve encountered using AutoCAD is seeing the error: One or more objects in this drawing cannot be saved to the specified format. The operation was not completed and no file was created. There is nothing worse than not being able to save your work and having to rely on … Read more

Point Elevations From Lines (AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D Methods!)

Do you need to extract Points with Elevations from simple Line Objects? Or you need to create a Surface from Line Objects? Well, this was my task today, I needed to create points that have Assigned Elevations and a TIN Surface using Line Objects with Start Z and End Z properties. We will look at … Read more

Grip Issue Editing Polylines and Labels Civil 3d 2018!

Grip Issues with AutoCAD Civil 3d and Map 3d

At the beginning of 2018 at work, we moved to AutoCAD Civil 3d 2018, there is some cool new stuff but we faced some really annoying Grip issues. Issues Label and Arc Grips Issues in Civil 3d The first problem we faced was the grips of Spot Elevation Surface Labels. Whenever we try to move … Read more