How to Use Offset in AutoCAD, an in-depth Article!

how to offset in AutoCAD

In this post, we are going to learn everything about Offset in AutoCAD. We are going to look at what exactly the Offset command means and does, how to use Offset in AutoCAD, and the different types of offset distance specifications. Furthermore, we are going to elevate our knowledge even further. Learning tricks like creating … Read more

Click and Drag Object Selection Stopped Working in AutoCAD

Click and drag selection stopped working AutoCAD

The Object selection in your AutoCAD behaves strangely? You can’t Click and Drag to select a window for selection? Window selection stopped working? When your Click and hold the mouse button, it doesn’t create a lasso selection? Or you want to Turn off the said lasso selection? These all are very relevant questions, as we’ve … Read more

Stretch Multiple Objects in AutoCAD (Stretch like a PRO!)

Stretch is one of the most important commands in AutoCAD. I just can’t imagine drawing without stretching numerous times a day. However, there is one great command that is included in full AutoCAD versions in the Express Tools pallet called Multiple Object Stretch. This is a Great tool that gives us the opportunity to stretch … Read more

Hide Layer data when DWG to PDF! (3 Simple Steps!)

Since AutoCAD 2010, PDFs have layer information included in them. This is great in most of the cases but what if we want to send our pdf to a client or colleague, and we would rather hide the layers from them?Let’s see how to not include (or how to hide) your Layer table in your PDF … Read more