How to Set Elevations to Polyline in an Increment! Automatically!

As a continuation of our previous topic Automatically Assign Elevations to Polyline (Set Elevations to Polyline!) Today we will take a look at another Lisp.
This time we will ask AutoCAD to Set Elevation to Polylines in an Increment. This will be done quite easily, by assigning an elevation to the first Polyline. Then set the desired Interval of the Contours (polylines) and color.

Set Elevations to Polylines in an Increment!

To start using the AutoLisp just follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the Lisp from here.
  2. Open the drawing with your Polyline contours and Load the program. Accelerate your work with AutoLisp
  3. I would suggest isolating your Polyline contours so you won’t accidentally assign an elevation to another object. It is important that Polyline’s line type is continuous (not dashed or doted).
  4. Trigger the program by typing ACE into the command line.
  5. AutoCAD will prompt for Start Elevation. Here you type the elevation of the First Contour.
  6. Now select a starting point, then an ending point.
  7. You are ready, all the contours between the starting and ending points are assigned with Elevations. To continue forward, just trigger the Lisp again and it will remember the elevation you need next!

Note: The Lisp will Automatically change the color of your polylines to color 11, if want to change it to another color, just open the lisp in notepad and find “color 11” then change it with another one.

You can contact the creator of the lisp at [email protected]

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