OSNAP Tricks! (Shift Shortcuts to Master AutoCAD!)

Most of us use F3 to turn on/off the OSNAP or just click with the mouse on the icon. That is great, however, it is common, at least for me, to forget about it and then draw something completely wrong.

Autodesk thought of this and the AutoCAD has some great keyboard shortcuts with Shift key that can trigger different OSNAP functions. We will go through some of them now.

The combination that I use most often is Shift + D. By holding down these buttons AutoCAD temporarily turns OSNAP and OTRACK OFF. After releasing them, Object Snapping continues to work as before.

If OSNAP is turned OFF and we need to turn it temporarily ON  we would hold down Shift and A.

Other great combinations with Shift key are:

Holding down only the Shift key turns ON and OFF the ORTHO.

When we hold Shift + Q Turns OTRACK ON and OFF

Holding Shift + E Turns just Endpoint OSNAP ON

When Holding Shift + V OSNAP Midpoint is Turned ON

and finally Holding Shift + C Turns Center OSNAP ON.

Use those Shortcuts to Accelerate your work and Amplify your skills! We have many other AutoCAD related Topics! that will help you become one of the best drafters in your company.

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