Assign elevations to Feature line from existing surface.

Feature lines in AutoCAD Civil 3d are one of the most powerful objects in the software. They are very similar to normal 3d Polylines but we have an extended number of tools to play with. Many times we need to have line object laying in an existing surface, but how can we assign the exact … Read more

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in AutoCAD!

Many people like to use a keyboard to enter commands, that’s because it saves lots of time. However some commands are difficult to remember, but in AutoCAD, you can create your own keyboard shortcuts, or edit existing ones. For example, I use C for COPY, R for ROTATE, RVC for REVCLOUD. The first method – Change … Read more

Trim and Extend like PRO!

Trim and Extend at the speed of light! Today I am going to share with you a little trick that I really like using! Trim and Extend are both very, very useful commands and drafters usually use them several times a day! They accelerate drafting speed significantly, can you imagine having to trim 5 lines … Read more

How to Bring all Text to Front in AutoCAD! (With 1 Command!)

Is it possible to Automatically Bring all Text to Front? The text is one of the most important things in our drawings. Text objects are Text, Mtext, Leaders, Dimensions, etc. It is so annoying to put dimension then draw some lines and then another dimension and in the end, all those lines, hatches cross your … Read more

I can’t see my Xref! Discover X-ref fade control.

Let’s explore X-ref fade controls! Hello again! Today we will look at X-refs and especially how to make them better visible in our model. I like to work with lots of X-refs and sometimes I have to look at something or clock at a specific point, but I can hardly see anything.This is due to … Read more

AutoCAD Selection Method problem? (Select Command First then Objects)

AutoCAD starts to behave very unusually… Aaah there are so many things that can go wrong with AutoCAD just because we are in a hurry and sometimes hit the wrong buttons… In this example we will look at what makes our program behave unusually – you pick a line hit Del button and nothing happens? … Read more

Enter name of drawing? Uninstall AutoCAD? (Easy Solution!)

Enter name of drawing to open? Have you ever faced this issue – when you hit Open AutoCAD shows you this message Enter name of drawing to open <.> ? Bet you have, unless you are new to AutoCAD. The first time I saw this I had uninstalled the whole program and then installed it again.. … Read more

Slow Drawings! (5 Ways to Improve AutoCAD Performance)

I am sure you have had this problem with drawing files, they become slower and slower until it is almost impossible to work with them. Suddenly you are starting to get some “FATAL errors” and random program crashes. Don’t worry, it is a common thing with AutoCAD, but now we have some solutions which can … Read more