Uniform LineType Scale for Different Viewport Scales

We’ve previously discussed the enormous benefits of using Layouts in AutoCAD Layouts (8 Reasons to Start Using them!). One of the benefits was that we can use different Viewports in one layout, which is great! However, we can stumble upon a very annoying issue – having different LineType scales in differently scaled viewports.

Making the LineType scale uniform across differently scaled viewports is actually pretty easy. There is a System Variable that can make this happen in no time.
So, to get rid of different LineType scale we have to go to our viewport open it and type in PSLTSCALE and when prompt type in “1”.

You may still have a problem if your linetypes have preset LTSCALE for different drawing scales. So in order to get the same LT scale for different viewports, you may need to set LTSCALE Variable to 1 too.

At this point your viewport lines should look the same, but, lines in the Model Space might look off because of the drawing scale you are using. This can be Fixed with MSLTSCALE System Variable, it should also be set to 1.

Or in short, try setting all three MSLTSCALE, LTSCALE, and PSLTSCALE variables to “1”. That way you will have your linetypes looking the same in differently scaled viewports and in the Model Space too.


LTSCALE System Variable is used to control the Global LineType scale factor in the drawing. By changing the LTSCALE factor, the scale of LineTypes in the drawing also changes.
Keep in mind though that if you use layout scaled for example at 10 and LTSCALE factor set to 1, your lines will be drawn ten times the scale.

More on LTSCALE System Variable can be found on AutoDesk’s site: LTSCALE and PSLTSCALE system variables


By setting PSLTSCALE System Variable to 1, you will maintain the same LineType Scale for objects displayed at different zoom Factors in layout and in a Layout viewport.

More on PSLTSCALE System Variable can be found on AutoDesk’s site: PSLTSCALE (System Variable)


MSLTSCALE System Variable Controls whether LineTypes displayed in the model tab are scaled based on the Annotation Scale or Not.
When Set to 0 – Linetypes displayed on the Model tab are not scaled by the annotation scale.
When Set to 1 – Linetypes Are scaled by the annotation scale.

More on MSLTSCALE System Variable can be found on AutoDesk’s site:
MSLTSCALE (System Variable)

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