Reshape Associative Hatches (Missing Hatch Grips in AutoCAD)

Reshaping Hatch objects is usually pretty straight forward process when we want to edit an associative hatch we modify the boundary object. To edit nonassociative hatch we modify the hatch object itself. Check Edit Vetexes of polylines! and Remove Polyline Vertexes for more on Editing polyline objects using Grips.

There might be a small problem though, especially when editing an associative Hatch with erased boundary object. Then we are left with a Hatch that has Grip points. Today we will go through two really easy ways to edit those hatches without the need of remaking them again.

Modify the extents of Associative Hatches

First though, we will take a look at the usual way of modifying an associative Hatch object.
When changing the boundary object of an associative hatch, and the result continues to be a closed boundary. The hatch object then is automatically updated. If the change results in an open boundary, then our hatch will lose its associativity with the objects and remain unchanged.

When we select an associative hatch object, it displays a circular grip at the center of the hatch itself. Hovering over the grip displays a shortcut menu with several options – Stretch, Origin Point, Hatch Angle, Hatch Scale.

Those are some really useful options, you can circle through those even easier by Holding CTRL key and left-clicking on the circular Grip Point.

Editing the Hatch object can be done by editing the grips of associated boundary objects. To easily select all of the objects of a hatch we can use the Display Boundary Object option.

Missing Hatch grips

Some times we can stumble upon an associated hatch with no boundary object or at least not visible.
How then do we modify a Hatch with no Grip Points?
How do we modify an associated Hatch without editing the boundary object?

As said in the beginning there are at least two ways I can think that we can use it that case.
First and by the easiest way is to move the hatch just a fraction of a unit, then the grips become visible again.

The second way would be using the Recreate Boundary option and reassociate the hatch with it. This as the name suggests, recreates a boundary around the hatch object, which you can delete if needed later on.

I hope you like the information given. You can check more of our AutoCAD Tips and AutoCAD Guides on our website!

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