How to Break a Line into Two in AutoCAD? (5 Easy Steps)

How to break line into two AUTOCAD

To Break a Line or Polyline into two seems quite easy, just use the BREAK command right?The short answer is Yes! But do you know How to Break a line into two at a specific point without any gap/space between the two new lines?If you are asking this question let us help you find out … Read more

How to Split Polyline into a number of Segments or at Intervals?

Split polylines into equal segments

Divide/Break Objects How to Split Polyline into equal segments? How to Divide a Line into 3 parts? Can I split a circle into for example 5 arcs? How to Break a Polyline into 3? Is it possible to Break a line at an interval? Today we are answering these and every other question related to … Read more