Convert Units directly in AutoCAD! (Fastest Unit Conversion tool!)

As a European, who is often working on US projects, it is hard for me to imagine the scale of the work in different units. Ahh… I Hate this imperial system, there are so many numbers for remembering. Hopefully, I found that tiny app that is built in the AutoCAD and converts tons of units in a wimp.

The app creators are CAD Studio and they thought of every type of conversion that may be needed by any type of professional as they said: “Converts hundreds of international and historical physical measurement units, not only from the CAD area – length, area, volume, time, mass, density, speed, pressure, force, moment, power, flux, numbers, luminous intensity, electric charge, etc.”

You just have to download the app from here. Then Install it and run it either from the Ribbon or through a command CONVERTUNITS.

And what is the best part? The app is absolutely free! One Giant Thank you to CAD Studio from our team!

A video showing the app functionality:


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