Convert Anonymous Blocks *U### to Normal AutoCAD Blocks

Today’s issue we are going to deal with will be converting anonymous block objects in normal AutoCAD Blocks.

*U### blocks?

Usually, anonymous blocks are really annoying and hard to work with. They have strange names for example block with * in front of a random name. The different types of names mean that things though here are the different Anonymous block names:
*U### = anonymous blocks
*E### = anonymous non-uniformly scaled blocks
*X### = anonymous hatches
*D### = anonymous dimensions
*A### = anonymous groups

They can be purposely created so you can’t work with them or get created by extracting a drawing from specialized software like land desktop.

These block objects, can’t be easily modified as they have no exact name and definition, they don’t appear in the block editor, can also slow down a drawing, as every single entity is stored as separate *name block, as seen on the example below.

Convert *U### blocks to normal AutoCAD Blocks

There is one great Lisp by .. that helps us Convert multiple *U### blocks to normal ones. If you are not familiar with Lisps you can firstly check our post Accelerate Your Work with AutoLISP! After doing that follow the steps below:

  1. Download the AutoLISP from here.
  2. Open the drawing containing Anonymous Blocks and load the AutoLISP.
  3. Now type in the command line UNANONALL to convert all the blocks in the drawing, and hit Enter.

That was it, the blocks are now converted back to normal and can be used as intended!

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