Multiple Text to MText Without Moving! (Convert Text to Mtext Without any Formatting!)

Text to Mtext without moving !

Are you trying to convert Text to Mtext Without any Formatting? I was trying to do just that a lot of times and finally, I found a solution! Here we will take a look at it. The reason why I wanted to convert several Text¬†objects to single line Mtext objects is that I wanted to … Read more

Copy AutoCAD Text to Excel! A piece of Cake!

Copy AutoCAD Text to Excel! Piece of Cake!

The task? Have you ever tried to copy AutoCAD text objects to Excel? Usually when you copy an object from AutoCAD and copy it to excel it looks like a picture. If we double click on that picture AutoCAD automatically launches and opens fragment of our drawing which we have copied as a new .dwg … Read more