Fake Dimensions? How dare you!

Fake Dimensions? Where?

A lot of times we have received drawings from colleagues that have some “fake” Dimensions. The Dimension Text shows one thing but the real geometry is different.

Lot of people would prefer to edit dim text, than edit the real geometry of the object. This can cause some real mess in future so it is better not to go that way.

Well if I say that I have never edited dimension’s text I would lie, in fact
it happens often. However sometimes we want to see the real measurement. We can of course select the suspected dimension, go to properties and look under text properties if there is text override. As we can see in the example real measurement is 100 but dim text is 150.

We can easily delete the override text and AutoCAD will automatically write the real measurement, but if we have hundreds of dimensions and we can’t tell which exactly are “fake” it will be really hard and time consuming to look at each one individually and delete the text.

The Trick!

Smart guys at Autodesk have thought of this scenario and gave us one great tool that will return all selected dimensions to their right measurements. We just have to select all the dimensions and type in DIMREASSOC.

AutoCAD will automatically change all dimension text to real measurements and will give you a small report that shows how many dimensions were modified.

The result:


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