How to Fillet without Trimming the Original Objects in AutoCAD

We all know and love our Fillet Command.
Previously we have looked at the problems that may prevent us from being able to use it in Fillet is not working?. Today we are going to look at how to Fillet a corner without Trimming the original objects.

This method will leave the original objects intact and simply apply the fillet. It can also work for Chamfer!

So follow the steps below:

  1. Start the Fillet command.
  2. Type on the command line T to trigger Trim Mode.
  3. AutoCAD will prompt Enter Trim mode option [Trim/No trim] : type in N to choose No trim.
  4. Fillet the Corner.

As Easy as it is.

Fillet with Trim mode set to Trim (Normal Fillet behavior):

Fillet with Trim mode set to No Trim:

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Trim and Extend like PRO!

Trim and Extend at the speed of light!

Today I am going to share with you a little trick that I really like using!

Trim and Extend are both very, very useful commands and drafters usually use them several times a day! They accelerate drafting speed significantly, can you imagine having to trim 5 lines and manually moving their vertexes, this would be Big Pain!

However you can extend their usage even more.  Suppose we need to trim and extend several objects it is possible to do it by using two separate commands “trim” and “extend‘.Here we can do it with a single command:

  • Type “trim” (or extend) and select the line over which the objects needs to be trimmed or extended in our case – Wide magenta line.
  • If you have selected trim command then trim lines below our base line, the result should be expected
  • FUN part! Now we will extend all the lines above our base line, to do that just press SHIFT  key and then select the lines that needs to be extended! And the result is great!

We managed to use 2 commands by typing only one and saving some precious time!

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