Rotate 2D Drawings in AutoCAD! (Rotate only Viewport content)

Rotate the view of AutoCAD Drawing, but Why?

Why would we need to Rotate an AutoCAD Drawing? Well, I can think for a dozen of reasons just on top of my mind. So let’s take a look at several examples:
You receive a drawing which Coordinate System is rotated and X,Y are not directing the horizontal and vertical plane. Now you may need to Rotate back the drawing!
Architects and Structural Engineers love to work with horizontal and vertical lines, so instead of rotating the surveyor’s files, they can just rotate the view of the Drawing!
You are using AutoCAD Layouts and you want to have several Viewports with differently rotated Views!
I can type in many more examples, however, instead of this, we will now look at How to Rotate Drawing View in AutoCAD!

Free View Rotation with the Mouse

There are at least two ways to freely rotate the drawing view using the mouse.

Using View Cube

You can easily rotate the drawing view using the View Cube. It is more useful for 3D modeling, however, if you click and drag the Circle around the Cube the drawing view will start rotating in the 2D space!

Using Free Orbit

If you are not often using the View Cube and it is turned off. Or sometimes it may be a bit slow to respond, you may try to use the Free Orbit tool.
Go to View Ribbon Tab and then under Navigate 2D, you will see Orbit, click on the drop-down menu and choose Free Orbit.
After clicking on it a green circle, it is important to click outside the circle and then start rotating.
Note: If you click inside you will start rotating the drawing view in 3D space!

Precisely Rotate a Drawing view in AutoCAD

Most of the time you will need to Just Rotate the Drawing a precise value. This is why using the mouse will be really hard and almost never precisely right. To do it a precise amount follow these simple steps:

  1. First, type on the command line dview
  2. A prompt will appear Select objects or <use DVIEWBLOCK>: hit Enter
  3. Now You will be asked to Enter an Option, type in TW for TWist and hit Enter.
  4. A new prompt will appear Specify view twist angle <0.00>. Here you can again use the Mouse, but better, type on the command lane the precise angle you want to use and hit Enter.
  5. AutoCAD will again ask to enter an Option, this time just hit Enter.

This was it you’ve learned how to Precisely adjust a Drawing View or Viewport in a Layout in AutoCAD! Check our other AutoCAD related posts for more great tips!

Move, Rotate, Scale and Mirror as Fast as Lightening in AutoCAD!

Usually, when we think of drafting, we assume that it is a slow process of expressing our engineering or architectural thoughts. This is partially true, that’s why we are trying to improve our drawing skills and complete tasks faster and easier!

Move, Rotate, Scale and Mirror with one click!

Those commands are the most commonly used in AutoCAD. Most of the people are used to trigger them by typing their keyboard shortcuts. Or even better, some may have their custom-made Keyboard-Shortcuts. Others use the mouse to click on the icon. (Please don’t be one of them it is painfully time-consuming and inefficient).

Did you know that there is another method that is faster and easier than all the others? Maybe, however, if you didn’t know you will find that dirty little secret with us by looking at one little example.

In the example, we have our small block that represents a flag, and we want to place it in the center of the ellipse.

First, we have to select our block and left click on its base point, now we can see that STRETCH command is triggered! Now if we were using a simple object like Line or Polyline, for example, we could stretch its vertex.  But since we are using block we can’t do that.

Now we just have to hit Enter or Space bar and we will see that MOVE command will be activated!

At this point on if we hit Enter or Spacebar again, we will trigger ROTATE command!

I bet you can now guess how we will start SCALE command. By hitting Enter or Space bar again? That’s right!

And the Fourth hit on Enter or Space bar will trigger the MIRROR command!

That’s it! We don’t have to type anything or to search for hidden icons! If you implement this trick into your work, it surely will save you a lot of time and make drawing even more pleasant experience!


Auto-Rotate Multiple text Objects!

Rotate manually?

We have multiple text objects aligned to a specific object. However, when we go to layout rotate the view and our text is turned upside down. What should we do? Rotate, rotate, rotate… until all the text is facing the “correct” way. Maybe if we are new to AutoCAD…

Auto-Rotate Text in AutoCAD

Today we will take a look at one more very interesting Express Tool command – TORIENT (to remember it easier I think of Text orientation). We can find the command also in express tools ribbon if we don’t want to remember it.

This command rotates text, mtext, and attribute definition objects so that they end up being more readable. Objects are rotated about their middle point in 180-degree increments.  As an option, we can specify a new absolute orientation angle for all selected text objects.

How to use it? Well, we will go through all the steps here:

  1. Type in TORIENT (or choose it from the Express Tools ribbon)
  2. AutoCAD will ask us to select objects, so we select the one we want to rotate and hit enter.
  3. Now we have to choose an option – New absolute rotation or Most Readable. I find Most Readable great in the most cases. Hit enter and we are ready! Our text is rotated!

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