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Bring Back Deleted Objects in AutoCAD!

The Problem

It is a common problem to select and delete an object by accident and realize that the object is missing after you have done some more things on your drawing.
Other situation would be if you have deleted something and after a little time you realize that it would be good to have your object back. This is why we would see how to bring back deleted objects in AutoCAD with just one simple Command!

Solution how to bring Back Deleted objects in AutoCAD!

Yes, we all know about UNDO command. We see it in every software, and it is one of the most important commands in AutoCAD. However, if we want to bring back last erased object, we would have to lose all other commands that we have used after deleting it.

The OOPS command, yes OOPS! What this command does is retrieving the Last Erased Object, without affecting any other newly placed object or command.  On the other hand, UNDO will retrieve the Last Command you have used.

OOPS command can be very powerful and useful, I will try to create one little example just to help you understand it better:

UNDO Command
OOPS Command

Note: You can also use OOPS after BLOCK or WBLOCK because these commands can erase the selected objects after creating a block.

You cannot use OOPS to restore objects on a layer that has been removed with the PURGE command.

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