Layer States, EASY Job! (What is Layer States and How to Use them?)

In my opinion, Layer States are a bit more complex and are used by people who already have some projects done with AutoCAD. So let’s dive deeper into our AutoCAD knowledge and find out what is that mysterious thing.

What is Layer States?

Well Layer States is a picture of your existing Layer Settings, and you can save as many Layer States as you want, then it will be extremely easy to go back to your previous Layer Settings.
If you have seen yourself freezing and switching layers on and off rapidly just to see parts of your project, you would definitely benefit from this tool.

Here we will look at a small example which I hope will show you how important Layer States can be for you!
Here we have Grading Plan which looks nice and clean. GD.JPG

We would need to create Construction Staking plan in which we will put some Points. The easiest way would be to use already drawn Grading plan for a base. So we put our grading as an external reference in new SC file and here is what we get.cs

This viewport doesn’t look even close to GD plan. So we will use Grading’s Layer State.

  1. We go into GD viewport in GD drawing and click on Layer PropertiesLayer prop.jpg
  2. We click on Layer State Manager. Or we can just write on command line LAS this command will directly open Layer State Manager. Here you can see that we have some layer states, but that doesn’t matter at the moment.layer-state
  3. Here we will Click on “New..” to create new Layer state.las-managerr
  4. We type in name – “GD LAS” and click OK. Now we can see that now there is Layer State named “GD LAS”
  5. Now we Click on “Export..” and we will save our .las file somewhere we can find it later.
  6. We go to our Construction Staking Plan and open up our viewport.
  7. Now we open our Layer State Manager. Here we uncheck Turn off layers not found in layer state and click Import.
  8. We make sure that File Type is selected to .las and we Import our States.file-typepop-up-restore
  9. A window will pop up and ask you if you want to Restore states, you click on Restore




The Result:result

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