I can’t see my Xref! Discover X-ref fade control.

Let’s explore X-ref fade controls!

Hello again! Today we will look at X-refs and especially how to make them better visible in our model.

I like to work with lots of X-refs and sometimes I have to look at something or clock at
a specific point, but I can hardly see anything.roofThis is due to X-ref fade control to make it stand out a little bit you will need to set Fade to different figure, it is usually set to 70 or 50 (depending on version) and if you want you can experiment with it. The lower is the figure the brighter external reference will be.options

You can find X-ref fade control if you right click into the drawing, then select “Options” From drop down menu. Options window will pop out, then you go to Display and at the bottom right corner you can see “Fade control”, just slide the controller and you will have your X-ref brightened.





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