How to find Closest Distance Between 2 Objects?

AutoCAD Civil 3D is very useful and powerful software. Along with it’s great functionality related to road design, pipe design, vertical planing etc. it provides many small and very very useful drafting tools.

Today we are going to look at one of them it is called Minimum Distance Between Entities and as name suggests we are going to find the closest distance between two objects.

This usually isn’t hard job even if we don’t use this tool however it takes time and we all know the time is very expensive. For example we will look for the closest distance between our building outline and property line.
Example for minimum distance

As you can see it is not so easy to find exactly which corner is the closest to the property line.

Where to find the tool?

The handy tool we are talking about is found in the Analyze tab at the ribbon, then we go to Inquiry panel’s dropdown list. Here we can see it – Minimum Distance Between Entities.
Minimum Distance Between Entities

The command is MinDistBetweenEntities, it is long one but if AutoCAD will help us
writing it. We just have to write “Mind… and it will auto-suggest the command.Min Distance Between Entities command

How to use it?

We just have to fallow these simple steps:Finding the closest distance between objects

  1. We start the tool in one of the two ways we looked at
  2. Now Civil 3D will ask us to select the two objects. We select the objects and hit enter.
  3. Civil 3D will give us option to draw an line that connects the 2 closest points. Here we hit yes because we would like to place dimension there. And we are ready!


As we can see in this picture these were indeed the closest distances!
The proof of closest distance



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