OSNAP Tricks! (Shift Shortcuts to Master AutoCAD!)

Most of us use F3 to turn on/off the OSNAP or just click with the mouse on the icon. That is great, however, it is common, at least for me, to forget about it and then draw something completely wrong. Autodesk thought of this and the AutoCAD has some great keyboard shortcuts with Shift key that can … Read more

How to Set Elevations to Polyline in an Increment! Automatically!

As a continuation of our previous topic Automatically Assign Elevations to Polyline (Set Elevations to Polyline!) Today we will take a look at another Lisp. This time we will ask AutoCAD to Set Elevation to Polylines in an Increment. This will be done quite easily, by assigning an elevation to the first Polyline. Then set … Read more

How to Delete Layers in AutoCAD (Works for Every Layer!)

Delete Layer in AutoCAD Many times I faced the problem with deleting layers in AutoCAD. It is common to see a drawing full of hundreds of layers, especially if you are using someone else’s drawing for a base. At this point, it would be great to clean the drawing up and delete some of the unnecessary layers. … Read more

Accelerate Your Work with AutoLISP! (Only 3 Easy Steps!)

Most of us have heard about AutoLisp before, but are usually scared of it because we are not software engineers. Others haven’t even heard of Lisp files. If you can find yourself one of these people don’t worry, you don’t have to be a software developer in order to use Lisp. You can dramatically accelerate … Read more

Learn How to Align Multileaders like an Expert! (in AutoCAD)

In my opinion, mediocrity is something that every person should steer away from. Good looking drawings make the distinction between best and mediocre companies and drafters. I am totally aware that time is money as we all know, but creating beautiful drawings does not mean you have to spend too much time drawing. This can … Read more

Convert DWG file to Older Version (Free Solutions!)

The current Policy of Autodesk is to push a newer version of our favorite Computer-Aided Design program AutoCAD every year. They include some new features and remove bugs that were previously present.This sounds great and it is, however, if you are not a subscription member, you will have to buy new software every year. This … Read more

Editing Multiple Text in AutoCAD! (One-Click Solution!)

Selecting an MText object and then trying to change the text style, but it stays the same. The color of text objects is not changing no matter what you do? Whatever I do the text style won’t change. This is a fairly common problem with AutoCAD MText. The easiest way to deal with it is … Read more