How to Create Sheet Set (5 Easy Steps!)

Learn how to Create Sheet Sets

We found out No:1 AutoCAD Secret! (7 Benefits of using Sheet Set!) in our previous post. It is now time for us to create our first Sheet Set. As already mentioned in the previous post, Sheet Set in AutoCAD is a great tool that gives us the opportunity to manage our drawings flawlessly. There is … Read more

No:1 AutoCAD Secret! (7 Benefits of using Sheet Set!)

Learn all the benefits of using Sheet Set

One of the most useful features of AutoCAD is Sheet Set Manager! However, it is one of the least used ones. It is almost like a Secret that only few CAD designers use, even though it has been a part of AutoCAD since 2005! If you spend just a little time on it, you will … Read more

How to Import Different Maps into AutoCAD (Insert Google Maps in AutoCAD!)

Import online maps into AutoCAD

Back in the old days, when we were using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 it was really easy to import Google image into the drawing. However, today it is not that simple. In order to use georeferenced images, we need to log in A360 with our Autodesk Account, and then we are presented with that function. … Read more

AutoCAD Layouts (8 Reasons to Start Using them!)

8 Benefits of using AutoCAD Layouts!

Even now 2018 I still receive drawings that are drown entirely in the Model space. And their Borders and Title Blocks are also set there. I just Can’t figure why! Yes, people from the older generation are more used to Model space, but if you are younger than forty there is just no excuse for … Read more

Layout Tab Displays no Colors in AutoCAD (One Click Solution!)

Layout Tab displays no Colors? Do you have that issue when using standard monochrome.ctb or another color-dependent plot style for sheet set up? Colors in paper space just vanish and everything looks white? This happens when you do a screen regen in the layout tab. However, in model space, all line colors keep the layer … Read more

Bring Back Original Xref Colors (One Simple Command!)

Bricg back Original Xref Colors with one command!

I always change the colors of external references in my current drawing so they suit better my needs. What if I need to restore the original Layer Colors of the Xref? What should I do? Bring back Original Xref Colors The first thing that comes to mind is to detach the Xref, and reattach it … Read more

Alignment Label Text Rotating? (One click solution!)

Stop alignment Label Text rotation and make it static!

Today we are going to look at one really small tip that bothered me in the past. Rotating Alignment Labels. If you are using a template that is given to you already set and you haven’t done it by your self then, it is likely that you are not absolutely familiar with all the settings … Read more