Archive Whole Project using Sheet Set!

After discussing how to Send The Entire Project With Just 2 Clicks! (Using Sheet Set!) it is Time to finalize our Sheet Set Guide by Packing (archiving) our project for future use.

It is really important to Properly archive our projects for future use because we don’t know when we might need it or when it is going to be constructed.

However, usually after finally submitting our project, it is really annoying to start packing all the drawings and necessary files and most of us tend to ignore that step. Yet after several weeks/months, we might face the above-stated problems and start panicking and searching the final versions.

Archive Project using Sheet Set

Archiving projects using sheet sets is extremely easy! The process is really similar to the one for creating an eTransmit and sending it, but even simpler.

First, we have to start our Sheet Set manager (CTRL+4) and open our project. Then right-click on its name and select Archive…

A window will pop up, that contains our Sheets, Files tree and Files table. Also Archive Setup, which we are going to open in order to set it up according to our needs.

The window for Archive Setup looks almost the same way as the one for the eTransmit but I personally would like to set it up quite differently.

For example, if we are not going to send the archive to a third party, the file structure may remain as it is. We also won’t need to purge the files and set default plotter to “none”. However, I would like to include all the supporting files available so we can find them effortlessly in the future.

After Setting up our Archive settings we hit ok and go back the Archive window and by going to the Files Tree tab we can see all the included files in our transmittal and we can also add new files like .txt, .doc, .xls files into the project so we won’t have to add them separately.

Now we are ready to Archive the Project.

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